The Emily of New Moon wiki is a book wiki. As such, it focuses primarily on the novels written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Information included in the articles must be found in the Emily trilogy and in documents about Montgomery's life and her work's historical and geographical context. Apocryphal elements (characters or events pertaining only to Emily of New Moon (TV Series) or Kaze no Shoujo Emily) can be mentioned, but only in an "Adaptation" section at the bottom of the page (for a simple example, see Jennie Strang). Individual articles about the television series' episodes or characters with their variants on the original story can be created, but must be specified as apocryphal in the article's headline.


Images from the television series can be used to illustrate articles about the books as long as they are representative of Montgomery's actual story. As much as possible, please upload high resolution pictures. If a contributor can find a higher resolution file for a picture, he is welcome to replace the existing one. Picture size is set to 250 as a standard.

Team spiritEdit

It is forbidden to edit or remove content added by other contibutors unless the information is incorrect, misspelled, poorly written or does not respect guidelines. Trolls will be blocked immediately and their edits reverted.

We encourage contributors to communicate among themselves about their projects and ideas. Wikia is all about collaboration!

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