This is a list of episodes from the 2007 anime Kaze no Shoujo Emily.

  1. "The Girl of the Wind"
  2. "Pride of the Murrays"
  3. "Eccentric Ilse"
  4. "A Sketch of Four"
  5. "First Time on Stage"
  6. "The Poisoned Apple Incident"
  7. "My Favourite Woods"
  8. "Mother's Room"
  9. "The Missing Diamond"
  10. "The Dreamweavers"
  11. "A Contest of Honour"
  12. "The Only Song in the World"
  13. "Christmas at the Murrays"
  14. "A Picnic by the Sea"
  15. "The Haunted House"
  16. "Summer Memories"
  17. "Ilse's Secret"
  18. "Rhoda's Trap"
  19. "Emily's Failure"
  20. "Growing Up"
  21. "Our Dreams"
  22. "Confession Under the Snow"
  23. "Departing Heart"
  24. "Those Who Are Left Behind"
  25. "The Snow is Now Melting"
  26. "The Advent of Spring"

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