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  • Hi Susannah,

    As you may have known, I am an active contributor to the Anne of Green Gables Wiki. However, I also contribute to the Emily of New Moon Wiki, as, along with the Anne books, I have also read the trilogy. (I love LMM!) Since the wiki still is quite disorganized, I was wondering if I could become an admin here as well? I know you're busy with the AoGG Wiki...but I would really love to add more here and pretty it up a little bit, as there are still quite a lot of empty pages with just pictures. I might also reread the series if I have extra time (and the motivation, as I don’t usually reread books), as I'll need to refresh my memory of Emily (which is very poor at the moment).

    Even if I have to skim the Emily books, I would love to add more to this wiki, as Emily has been one of my favorite book characters. I would also really like her to get the attention she deserves, because as much as I love Anne, I think Emily is a character that is a little bit underappreciated.

    --Lemory talkcontribs 05:15, August 30, 2015 (UTC)

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    • I think that's a good idea! I created this wiki a while ago, but have been much too focused on the AoGG wiki to add much of interest. My memory of Emily is also not very good, as I don't own hard copies of the books and don't enjoy them as much as Anne anyway (though I agree they're under-appreciated). So yes, sure you can have admin rights. I'll get on it.

      I have seen most of the anime (Kaze no Shoujo Emily) and may add to articles about it here, but I'll have to look more into it.

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  • Hi Susannah,

    I was thinking of adding a category for Emily Starr's imaginary friends such as the Wind Woman, Emily-in-the-glass, the flash and all (I think they should have pages of their own). What would you call this? Emily's imagination? Imaginary Friends?

    Also, I am a bit confused as to how concise the Emily Byrd Starr page should be. I think the turning points in her life should be well detailed, but when it comes to anecdotes... Let me know what your think.


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    • I think when in comes to character articles, they should focus on the character in question as much as possible. I mean, anecdotes and things like that are OK, as long as they don't distract from the actual topic, which in this case is Emily and her life. Is that what you meant? I also had a look at the Emily Byrd Starr page and split it into more sections to make it a bit more organised.

      As for Emily's imaginary friends, I created a category called Imaginary individuals to fit in with the "Individuals" category already there. If you don't like it, we can agree on something else. (One more thing: I always thought of the flash as more of a sensation Emily experienced rather than something she made up, but I dunno.)

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    • Yes, the flash is hard to define and classify, but I would still put it in that sort of category. In that case, perhaps the word "imaginary" isn't the best.

      I was also wondering how to approach the notion of Emily's gift of second sight (which is pushed way farther than the books in the television series), and not sure what to do with it. Perhaps we could have a page titled Second sight explaining what the phenomenon is in general and then how it is explored in the book and television series.

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    • Yes, that sounds good.

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  • Hello Susannah,

    I am a Canadian who read the Emily books and watched the CBC television series growing up. I was wondering if you planned to add pages about the tv series as well as about the books themselves. I will add some pictures, if you don't want them, just delete them. I am finding it difficult to find high resolution stills online, though. I could get the dvds and get a bunch of screen shots to add, if you like.

    What are your plans about this page? If I can lend a hand, let me know. I love this trilogy and even wrote a paper about it while in university. One of my favourites books to read again and again.

    K. Lessard

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    • Hello, K. Lessard!

      I haven't got any plans for this wiki currently, other than to obviously not be empty. Feel free to edit and add pictures. Studying and editing another wiki (this one) take up my time. I also haven't read the books in a while or ever seen any adaptations, so my edits will be limited until I re-read properly. If you add screenshots and such, I'll put them into categories to make them easier to find again.

      You mentioned on your message wall that you might want to be an admin here. I don't mind, especially since you'll probably edit more than me anyway. I tend to do more technical design and behind-the-scenes work when I edit. Since I'm a bureaucrat here, I can make you a admin/bureaucrat/both without you having to contact staff and whatnot. Tell me if you're agreeable. Oh, and thanks for popping by and deciding to stay! More editors are always awesome.


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    • Great! I'm glad you popped in! I'll try to recruit contributors on other Emily sites if possible. I'd like to be administrator, only to have more freedom with files and stuff, but I'll mainly be a "contributor," (power trips are not my thing...) I have started reading the trilogy all over again.

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